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shower chrome hero

    Shower Chrome Hero

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    Chrome and stainless steel in showers are hard to clean, Shower Chrome Hero fixed that.

    If your chrome or steel shower fixtures are covered in hard water spots then Shower Chrome Hero is for you.

    Shower Chrome Hero is the fastest, easiest way to remove hard water spots from your stained chrome and steel shower fixtures, including general tap-ware, and metal sinks around your home.

    How it works is simple:

    1. Dip the sponge provided into warm to hot water. This helps the dry paste get onto the sponge more easily.

    2. Squeeze the eraser a few times to produce foam.

    3. With the foamy sponge provided scrub the hard water spots of your chrome or steel fixtures.

    4. When the hard water spots have been completely removed thoroughly rinse the fixtures. 

    5. When properly rinsed, the water should bead off and the fixtures should hold little to no water. 

    Our clever formulation is the fastest way to remove those stubborn hard water deposits and leaves a brilliant shine. 

    We believe every part of your shower should shine bright and Shower Chrome Hero is how you'll restore your stained fixtures and tapware back to clean again and free of hard water spots.

    Shower Chrome Hero cleaner works on both chrome and stainless steelShower Chrome Hero is a 100% natural cleaner Shower Chrome Hero has been tested on 100's of shower fixtures


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