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Shower Glass Care Bundle
shower glass hero cleaner
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    Shower Glass Care Bundle

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    So pleased with results on a 10-15 year old shower. It’s clear again!."

    Rachel L - Shower Glass Hero Buyer - March 5, 2020


    Love it!! our water here in Rural NSW is hard !! Once we cleaned the shower with the Shower Glass Hero product, I Just spray it lightly after each shower with the spray."

    Gail R - Shower Spray Hero Buyer - March 5, 2020

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    Our best selling shower glass care products UNITE... 

    Why? Because removing severe hard water spots then preventing them from coming back go hand in hand. 90% of our customers who buy Shower Glass Hero also come back and purchase Shower Spray Hero. Why not save the extra shipping cost, grab the 20% discount and bundle these two top sellers today.

    Shower Glass Hero® is developed by shower glass restoration service professionals, that's the difference. It's the exact shower glass renewal paste and restoration pad we professionals use to remove severe hard water spots from stained shower glass when our customers have tried everything and cannot.

    Shower Spray Hero was developed out of necessity...
    so our service company could put a lifetime transparency guarantee on our customer's shower glass after professional restoration.


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    Product Disclaimer (please read before purchasing)

    • This won't work on polycarbonate (plastic) shower glass enclosures.
    • Our Shower Glass Restoration Company finds about 1 in 100 shower glass enclosures can't be restored due to severe etching. If you discover your shower glass can't be restored with the Shower Glass Care Bundle. We have a 100% money-back guarantee. We will refund your order immediately.