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Shower Glass Hero
Shower Glass Hero®
Shower Glass Hero®

    Shower Glass Hero®

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    "I am so thankful for this amazing product, it has made my showers sparkle and shine."

    Susie - Shower Glass Hero Buyer - March 5, 2020

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    Shower Glass Hero® is developed by shower glass restoration service professionals, that's the difference. It's the exact shower glass renewal paste and restoration pad we professionals use to remove severe hard water spots from stained shower glass when our customers have tried everything and cannot. So if you're tired of the hard water spots tarnishing the look of your bathroom, you want professional results with a DIY price tag, why not purchase shower glass hero® today. But, yes there is a but, as service providers, we do find about 1 in 100 shower glass enclosures do become permanently damaged. Now, if you do find your shower glass enclosure is beyond repair we'll refund your order. This is the best way we have found to help our customers which has now saved our customers thousands of dollars on replacement costs.

    Shower Glass Hero® Removes & Polishes Back To New:

    • Severe Hard Water Deposits
    • Bore Water Stains
    • Silica Stains
    • Limescale
    • Soap scum

    What's Included with your purchase?

    1 x 250ml Bottle of Shower Glass Hero (Restores 3 to 4 Enclosures)
    1 x Water Spot Compounding Head
    1 x Drill To Backing Pad Adaptor

    Watch Our Service Pro Demonstrate Shower Glass Hero:

    You get a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. 

    As service pro's we do find about 1 in 100 enclosures shower glass can become permanently damaged. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation reach out to Caitlin, our customer service hero via email at and can help you with the refund process.


    Is gross shower glass covered in hard water spots tarnishing the look of your bathroom?

    Tried scrubbing it? 9 times out of 10 scrubbing stained shower glass by hand is completely ineffective. 

    Shower Glass Hero® is an effective Shower Glass Water Spot Removal System that's both used by and been developed by "Professional Shower Glass Restoration Service Providers" that's the difference.

    Now for the first time, we are putting our exact shower glass restoration system in your hands. 

    Stained shower glass looks awful so we want to help our customers remove severe shower glass staining quickly and more easily than other methods.

    As you now know, 9 times out of 10 scrubbing hard water spots by hand is completely ineffective anyway.

    Shower glass free of hard water spots makes a bathroom look bigger, brighter and great news! You only have to do this once.

    Once restored we simply recommend, adding Shower Glass Hero Weekly to your cleaning routine. 

    So, if you want to rid your shower glass of the gross staining tarnishing your bathroom's appearance, why not purchase Shower Glass Hero® today and we'll ship it straight to your door with our 100% money-back guarantee attached.

    Is Shower Glass Hero cost-effective?

    Let's take a look at the estimated average costs for the following options... 

    Option 1

    The Highest Cost: Shower Replacement + New Shower Installation 

    Price: On Average Labour, $35 to $65 per hour  + standard enclosure will cost between $700 to $2,000, a custom design will cost between $1,200 to $6,500.

    Option 2

    Shower Glass Restoration Service

    price: $279 per shower

    Option 3

    Shower Glass Hero

    Price: Restores 3 - 4 showers for $45.99NZD or $44.00AUD

    Before and After Video:

    Shower Glass Hero Video Review:

    Severe Silica Staining Test Spot Demo:

    Shower Glass Hero Cleaner best shower cleaner shower cleaner nz

    Product Disclaimer (please read before purchasing)

      • This won't work on polycarbonate (plastic) shower glass enclosures.
      • Our Shower Glass Restoration Company finds about 1 in 100 shower glass enclosures can't be restored due to severe etching. If you discover your shower glass can't be restored with Shower Glass Hero®. We have a 100% money-back guarantee. We will refund your order immediately. 

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