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Shower Glass Hero
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Shower Glass Renewal Kit

    Shower Glass Hero

    $ 39.00 NZD

    Discover the most effective way to clean "restore" shower glass in 2020 with Shower Glass Hero and good news, you only have to do this once. Simply continue to use Shower Glass Hero weekly.

    The Shower Glass Hero difference 👇

    This is the exact shower glass cleaning system Shower Glass Hero the Auckland shower glass restoration company uses to successfully remove severe hard water spots from its customer's stained shower glass when they've tried everything and cannot.


    Stained shower glass looks awful, but it doesn't have to because Shower Glass Hero is the beginning of crystal clear shower glass or your money back.

    Why? Because Shower Glass Hero is no all-round shower cleaner. It does one job, restore badly stained shower glass and it's great at it.

    That's because it's been developed by some very experienced shower glass restorers. That's the difference.

    Shower Glass Hero is also known as the no scrubbing, fastest, easiest shower glass renewal kit.

    Its clever formulation removes the heaviest stains and hard water spots from shower glass. 

    At this stage, you may be thinking your shower glass has had it. Well, think again.

    Shower Glass Hero started as a restoration service provider which still operates a successful shower glass restoration company today using this exact cleaning system.

    Our clever formulation combined with our polishing pad is the only reason we can clean stained shower glass back to new when our customers have tried everything and cannot.

    Now we're putting this clever shower glass cleaning system in your hands.

    We believe everybody should wake up to crystal clear shower glass.

    Clean shower glass looks classy, makes a bathroom look bigger, brighter and it only takes a few minutes each week to keep it clean.

    Simply continue to use Shower Glass Hero Weekly. It's a simple affordable system that works great at maintaining shower glass even in the toughest hard water areas of Australia and New Zealand.

    Our customers say WOW and that's the biggest compliment we could ask for.

    If you've been hunting for a solution to remove those impossible to scrub hard water spots off your stained shower glass, no other product has worked, this is the shower glass cleaner "restorer" you've been looking for.

    It's the most effective shower glass cleaning system we have ever experienced and we've cleaned a lot of shower glass.

    Shower Glass Hero has also saved our customers thousands of dollars on replacement costs who thought they had no choice but to install new shower glass enclosures.

    Purchase Shower Glass Hero today if you would like to get your stained shower glass back to clean again.

    Auckland resident? 

    We can do it for you. Prices on our shower glass restoration services can be found here >.

    Restores 3 to 4 stained shower glass Battery drill recommended to remove hard water spotsTested on 100s of shower glass enclosures

    Shower Glass Hero smells like coconuts

    Video Reviews 👇

    Shower Glass Restoration Kit Includes:

    375ml of Shower Glass Hero's clever restoration formula.
    1 Orange restoration pad
    1 Drill attachment 
    1 Dust mask
    1 Pair of disposable gloves



    Do you have payment plans available on your website? 

    Yes, we offer LayBuy as an alternative payment method. 

    Does Shower glass Hero only work if you have a battery drill?

    No, not at all. Our shower glass restoration attachment makes it the no scrubbing, fastest, easiest shower glass renewal kit. Our clever restoration paste is the actual hero. The formulation is what actually removes the staining from your shower glass. 

    So you can use it by hand with a white non-scratch scouring pad to get the same results. It will just take more time and effort.


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