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Shower Spray Hero

    Shower Spray Hero

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    ✓ Natural Ingredients
    ✓ 100% Money-Back Guarantee
    ✓ Free Express Shipping On All Orders
    Refillable Pouches Available

    whats Included:
    1 bottle (500ml)
    1 Refill Pouch (500ml) 

    Prevent hard water spots from forming on shower glass with Shower Spray Hero.

    Different from other Shower Glass Cleaners Shower Spray Hero is formulated to specifically break down hard water spots on your shower enclosure surfaces.

    Shower Spray Hero was developed out of necessity so our service company could put a lifetime transparency guarantee on our customer's shower glass after professional restoration.

    How does it work?

    Our Natural formulation completely eliminates scrubbing. Simply continue to spray down the enclosure and the formulation will continue to break down the hard water deposits leaving your shower glass crystal clear.

    Refilling is the new recycling! 

    Once you run out we can ship more pouches straight to your door.

    So if you’ve had trouble keeping hard water spots off your shower glass consider swopping your cleaner to Shower Spray Hero Today.

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