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Silicone Mould Hero Cleaner
Silicone Mould Hero
Silicone Mould Hero
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    Silicone Mould Hero

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    "This product is absolutely amazing. It dissolves the mould Perfectly"
    Chris E - Silicone Mould Hero customer 24/11/2020


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    ✓ Newly Formulated in 2020 

    Apply Silicone Mould Hero to all of your homes mouldy silicone surfaces.

    For example:

    • The Front Load Washing Machine Seal
    • The Shower Enclosure
    • The Bath Tub 
    • Bench Tops
    • The Tile Floor (Porcelain & Ceramic Only)

    Remove The Deep Mould That Has Penetrated Your Homes Silicone
     without replacing it with Silicone Mould Hero.

    Black mould penetrates deep into silicone making it impossible to scrub clean. In the past, people would replace it. That's a difficult time-consuming job for most of us. 

    Silicone Mould Hero changed the game. You simply apply it on top of the silicone in one easy step & wait.

    Why replace perfectly good silicone when you can restore it back to new?

    How it works.

    Silicon Mould Hero applies wet then sets dry, locking the treatment in place which completely kills the mould that has penetrated deep into the silicone. The drying gel also allows you to treat vertical silicone surfaces successfully as it won't run away earning Silicone Mould Hero 5 star reviews.

    Watch this demo on bathroom Silicone Sealant:


    Do not use on the following surfaces: 
    Metallic, Wooden or Natural Stone Surfaces.

    For Example -
    Metal Surfaces, Wooden Window Sills & Bench Tops, MDF, Marble, Granite, Onyx, Travertine, Corian, Limestone, Slate and Black Engineered Stone.

    ✓ Safely use on Porcelain, Ceramic, Vinyl and Acrylic Home Surfaces.

    before silicone mould hero


    After Silicone Mould Hero

    washing machine mould remover

    After washing machine mould remover